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Remote Deposit Capture

Mobile Check Deposit is Here!

MembersFirst CT FCU has added Mobile Check Deposit as an option in Mobile Banking, giving members a new deposit choice.

There is no cost to use this deposit selection, making Mobile Check Deposit a useful alternative to visiting a branch. It’s as easy as taking a photo. Simply log into the MembersFirst CT FCU Mobile Banking Site on your handheld device (or tablet) and make deposits into any of your accounts.

There are only a few qualifications for Mobile Check Deposit.

You must be:

  • 18 years or older
  • A Member for over six months
  • Signed up for Internet Banking
  • A Member in good standing

When a deposit made through Mobile Check Deposit has been credited to your account, you will receive a confirmation email or text (depending on your alert settings) stating that the item has been approved. It’s simple and convenient. 

Mobile Check Deposit Instructions

Endorse back of  check and write "for mobile deposit only" **Note: If you do not endorse the check, add your account number and write "for mobile deposit only," your check will not be deposited.**

  1. Access the Mobile Banking Site
  2. Enter User Name and Password and PIN if required.
  3. Go into Main Menu (Click the 3 horizontal dashes)
  4. Press "Deposit" (if you are a first time user, you must accept disclosure)
  5. Front Check
  6. Press: Choose File
  7. Take photo of front of check Press: Use Photo
  8. Press: Next
  9. Back of Check
  10. Press: Choose File
  11. Take photo of back of check Press: Use Photo
  12. Press: Next
  13. Deposit
  14. Choose Account to Deposit Check into Enter Amount of Check
  15. Enter a memo message if necessary Press "Done"
  16. Press "Post"
  17. Deposit Completed and Summary Displayed.


If you have any questions give us a call! (203) 237-6424