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Regular Savings Account

A regular share account is opened when you establish membership. This account is opened with a minimum of $25.00 (one full share). One full share must remain on deposit at all times to maintain the membership. It is a dividend bearing account. Other monies may be deposited or withdrawn at any time. Dividends are declared and paid monthly.

Club Accounts

All members may establish a Christmas or Vacation Club Account. Christmas Clubs are paid to members the first week of November of each year. Withdrawals are allowed from Club accounts at any time. Dividends are paid on Club accounts each month.

Special Share Account

All members may have a Special Share Account. This account may be established for any purpose a member needs. It is a demand account and has the same dividend that is paid on a Regular Share Account.

Escrow Account

Savings Account designed to save money for your real estate taxes on your primary residence. You do not need to have your mortgage with the credit union to open this special savings account.